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MASNO Foundation is a non-profit organization, based in Hargeisa Somaliland With a vision to see the community of Somaliland living with prosperity, dignity, purpose and good hope. It was founded in 1999 by a group of intellectuals to help Somaliland community in socio-economic, infrastructure and social services. MASNO creates opportunities for holistic development through five key areas: Education, Health, Water & Sanitation, Awareness and Food Distribution.

MASNO programs are focused on social awareness, rural water supply, and orphanage assistance, education for child, shelter and feeding centres, teacher training and income-generating activities. This is done through formulating projects based on training, income generation to create immediate economic recovery at the household level. Since its establishment, MASNO has been dedicating to enhancing the quality of Services, promoting innovation and supporting in developing future-ready, productive deeds who contributed the positive to the society.

Promote the socio-economic condition of the most vulnerable oppressed people way to creating awareness, skill training and financial support for their self-reliance and empowerment.
Masno strives to empower the disadvantaged communities through the implementation of integrated programs that include capacity building, infrastructure development, employment creation, awareness and support, and above all inclusive and appropriate financing for planned economic activities. These interventions aim to facilitate the communities to realize their full potentials, lift them out of poverty and take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

To alleviate poverty and empower the rural poor as well as to improve their livelihood status by undertaking various need-based sustainable development programs.

Masno believes that human force is the centre of all development Endeavours. Hence it prioritizes on the need-based program and human resource development for leading the programme to wards sustainability. Accordingly, the development philosophy of Masno is based on the conviction that the paramount need of the people is not relief but releasing latent potentialities for personal, social and economic growth and development. It is due to fact that Masno believes that man is the architect of his own fortune by exploiting his own latent potentialities.