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Since establishment of the organization till now, MASNO has implemented many projects in different areas of the country with funding resources from local community, international agencies and UN agencies. MASNO encourages the collaboration between LNG’s and contributes resources to improve such co-operation. The strategy and policy towards this organization is based on consolidate approach, participation system- the bottom up approach. MASNO realizes the sustainable economic recovery that is the base of bringing back the development truck for this war-torn community. MASNO organizes and mobilizes education effort to the community to plan this action towards educational facilities rehabilitation and development of educational programs. It assists children from poor families and orphanage to earn education, shelter and feeding programmers rand as well supports rural women and provision of bark ads and shallow-wells. It conducts assessments to identify community problems and constraints. Through these problems, it develops an action plan for the development of potential production areas.
It encourages the resettlement of the displaced and returnees community and provides re-integration support.